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... the UKs leading 4x4 directory

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Macks 4x4 info

… the UK’s premier online reference directory

  • Macks 4x4 info lists thousands of companies with 4x4 connections.
  • Macks 4x4 info is easy to use and totally free to browse and search.
  • Macks 4x4 info will find common items like engines or winches, it won’t find a circlip for a reverse thrust sprocket!
  • Macks 4x4 info offers free listings to genuine companies, clubs, organisations and private individuals.
  • Macks 4x4 info concentrates solely on non-franchised, independent dealers and specialists.
  • Macks 4x4 info is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.


    Click on a blue word above, either ‘browse’ to quite literally browse though the entries, or ‘search’ to start using the highly efficient search engine. That’s it!

    It is hoped that you will find Macks 4x4 info so useful that in future this is the first place you'll visit when you want to find any information relating to 4x4 vehicles or off-roading. In the goodness of time, all the other 4x4 resource and reference sites regardless of size will also be listed in here, making Macks 4x4 info THE gateway to 4x4 companies, clubs and enthusiast's off-road websites both here in the UK and beyond.

    Also, although not intended as a ‘font of all knowledge’, if we can help you find a specific company or even an individual item, email us and if we can point you in the right direction, we will.

    Happy hunting!

    Tom McGuigan (Editor & Proprietor)

    NOTE: Whilst Macks 4x4 info makes every effort to ensure the information contained within this resource website is 100% accurate, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of the information as errors and omissions may occur. Likewise, be aware we cannot be held liable for any reliance which you have placed on the information. Macks 4x4 info does not give any warranties in respect of this website or the information or the goods and services available herein, thus makes no representations as to the fitness for a particular purpose of any goods or services.

    Importantly, Macks 4x4 info is purely a directory of websites, NOT a list of recommendations.

    Please also remember the official warning at the foot of every page stating …

    “Publication or reproduction of data contained herein without written permission may result in prosecution”

    Far from discouraging folk, we positively welcome those who want to reproduce our data, supplying information is what this site is all about after all, but be warned – persons who blatantly steal data from here without requesting written permission first will be committing Copyright theft, something to which we take a very dim view.

    If you intend reproducing data and information from our pages, PLEASE email us first to seek permission. It is after all simple courtesy. Then, all we will ask you to do is mention where you found the information by giving Macks 4x4 info a credit.

    The simple phrase … Data kindly supplied by Macks 4x4 info ( … prominently displayed is all it takes; believe me it is appreciated and it won't cost you a penny to do so. Even better, if your website has a Links Page, please place a link directly to us.

    Without your help Macks 4x4 info will simply cease to exist, it’s as straightforward as that. Thanks!

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Please help!

If you found this resource directory useful, please recommend Macks 4x4 info to your club or group, or start a thread on a forum or messageboad … remembering of course to include the site’s URL

The same goes for links on club, private and trade websites. The more coverage the better!

Your help is greatly appreciated, for 'word of mouth' is the one reason independent sites like this can survive and remain free of charge both for visitors and traders alike.

Thank you,

Tom McGuigan (Proprietor)