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Macks 4x4 Directory

Dirk and Marieken’ overland diary. Travelling in an expedition-prepared Toyota Landcruiser + off-road trailer, a journey around the world without an end date! English translation within the site.

A Long Drive

From Polar Bears to Penguins – An American couple driving North to South across the Americas in a modern Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Adventurous Spirits

A Canadian couple, both adventurous, risk takers, curious and a love of travel. Website chronicles their travels in a Toyota Land Cruiser in Africa, North America, Central America and South America. Lots of tips and advice for overlanders.

African Way

Edwin & Auke’s travels from Holland to South Africa in their 1989 Mitsubishi 2.5 TD intercooler Pajero.

Angola Family Tour 2010

Travelling in a Land Cruiser 76 Series, our 3500 km trip would take us from Luanda southwards up to Menongue, then west to the coast and into the northern part of the Namib desert. From here we covered the coastline back to Luanda.

Are We There Yet?

Driving the world until we decide where "there" is... Mark and Allison’s African chronicles on a BMW 1150GS bike, plus heading back to Africa this time in a Nissan Patrol. Good information on Carnets and documentation.

Blue Cruiser

Welcome to the website of world travellers Nijlunsing Henk and Marianne van Hasselt. On this site you can find reports and pictures of our trips in our 1995 Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 D pickup type HZJ 75.

Cox Morgan Overland

John Cox & Denise Morgan’s overland adventures in their Toyota Land Cruiser.

Crab to Cape – with Ernest

A couple’s overland trip April 2010 to January 2011 from London to Cape Town in Ernest, their elderly 24v Toyota Landcruiser HJ60.

Drive To Oz

A 30,000 mile charity drive in a Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon from Croydon to Cairns, the north east tip of Australia. 31,116 miles, 19 countries, 9.5 months, 5 people, 3 continents, 2 allergies, 2 vehicles!!!

Emil & Liliana Schmid

How could you compile a list of 4x4 overlanders without including this Swiss couple? Pictures and stories of a more than 25+ year epic journey (with no end in sight) of Liliana and Emil Schmid through 166 countries in an ... (more)

Explore Africa

Dutch couple Marica & Noel and their trans Africa 60,000 kms / 30 countries trip October 2005 to October 2006 in a Toyota Landcruiser. Some English within site, but mainly have to rely on Google translator.

Finding Emo

2 old friends are packing up their lives, jacking up Toy the trusty Landcruiser, and driving through Africa in 2010 in search of fun, flora, fauna, and (mis)fortune. From Cape Town to somewhere, via Southern and Eastern Africa.

On this website you can find all the information about our overland trip in our Toyota LandCruiser HZJ75. We left home on 3 January 2006 and take about one year to drive from the Netherlands to South Africa following the eastern route.

Half Way Round

Aussie Brothers Dave and Chris on the road between London, England and Sydney, Australia - in a Subaru Forester.

Hello Africa, Tell Me How You Doin’!

After years of saving and planning, our dream to overland from our home in Johannesburg up through Africa is finally becoming a reality. Along with our Land Cruiser, Michael Buble, we will be travelling for 6 months from Jan 2011. Woohoo!

hinter-dem-horizont (beyond-the-horizon)

2006 to 2010 we were with our Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78L travelling in Africa. Tens of thousands of miles, the black continent. Here you will find our reviews and reports, more than 1,000 pictures, some videos and numerous information.

Hong Kong to Brussels Overland

14 months, 60,000 km drive from Hong Kong to Belgium in our Toyota Land Cruiser 75 series model, which was shipped from Belgium to HK. Countries include Hong Kong-China-Pakistan-India-Nepal-Iran-Turkey-Middle East.


Jeremy and Ruth drive Tetbury (UK) to Port Elizabeth (SA) departing Oct 2011.

Kate and Ben in Africa

Our epic adventure started in Spain. Now we have made it to the dusty trails of Eastern and Southern Africa, with our trusty 1983 Toyota Landcruiser. This is our story …

Kingsmill's Overland Adventures, The

The Kingsmill family’s overland adventures in their Toyota Landcruiser - Trans-Africa, Trans-Americas, Trans-Russia-Mongolia.


An overland world drive in a 1984 Toyota Landcruiser BJ45. Whilst it made seem an ancient, outdated vehicle to many, its lack of reliance on computer technology sees it trundling along while many of its modern counterpar ... (more)

Malaysians in Motion

Malaysians In Motion Expedition is a round the world 4x4 overland expedition with a difference. What makes us unique and separates us from other round the world trips are the team members, a family unit with limited expe ... (more)


Jack and Jon Faine (father & son) driving from their home in Melbourne to London. We want to see if we can do the entire trip without using an aeroplane. We want to drive as much of it as possible in our own car &nda ... (more)

Mind The Elephant

Hannah and Will’s 9 month overland journey across The Dark Continent in their trusty Land Cruiser, Stanley. “Starting in Stockport (there is method in our madness), driving through Europe, down the west coast ... (more)

Natuurlijk Afrika (Naturally Africa)

A Dutch couple’s African overland adventure in the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Nicole & Martins Overland Adventure

Around the world in a Toyota Landcrusier.


At the end of March 2008, travelling in a Toyota Land Cruiser NGO spec GX diesel + Conqueror off-road trailer,

Our Wild Journey

Andrea and I, Rene, left our trustworthy "Bumblebee" (our Nissan Patrol) in South Africa last year to fly home and work a bit more. From March 2010 on we will be back on the continent to discover more and visit ... (more)

Overland in the Sun

London to Cape Town in an elderly Landcruiser HJ60

A 65,000 km charity drive from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, visiting 27 countries in 18 months in three Toyota Land Cruisers.

On this website you can follow the adventures of Bas, Ellie and Simba on their journey. In a Toyota Landcruiser camper they travel overland as much as possible across the continents, the first stage is Utrecht-Cape Town.

A blog that I can update from public Internet anywhere in the world. is my site which is a photographic celebration of travelling on the continent of Africa in a Toyota Land Cruiser.


A South African couple who set off from London (where they met) to “cross the globe” in a Toyota Landcruiser 2000 model Troopcarrier.

Radio Baobab

Josephine & Frederik’s journey through Africa and Asia in their Toyota LandCruiser 75, the website being their account of their adventures and experiences.

Reinhart Mazur's TLC – Expeditions

German couple’s reports and information about travels by Toyota Land Cruiser across the Sahara - Africa - Arabia - Central Asia – China. English translation via Google.

Smith Family Odyssey

UK to South Africa in a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2TD. Our family - Graham, Lucinda, Ashleigh and Seamus - are taking time out from the rat-race, while we travel without fixed routes and without a fixed timetable. We we ... (more)


The plan is to drive around the world, the first phase to Australia, via Europe, Africa, Russia, and Asia. The second phase brings us from Canada, down through the USA, into south America and then ship the car back home ... (more)

Surfing Africa

In early 2011 the intention is to drive two Toyota Hilux Surfs from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland to Cape Town, South Africa.

Tabasamu - London to Cape Town 2010

Overland in a 1982 Land Cruiser HJ60. 20 countries, 165 days, 30,000km. UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa.

Tale of Two Travelers

Jim, Sheri & Betty’s long distance journey to Africa and beyond. “We have no final destination, no timeline, only a long journey in search of new adventures beyond the beaten path”. Betty is their trusty Toyota Land Cruiser by the way!

Tom and Jana's Africa Journal

Two weeks of teeth-rattling, bone-jarring, 4x4 self-drive adventure through the wilds of southern Africa in a rented Nissan Trax single-cab pickup with a pop-out camper. Started and in Johannesburg, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Off-road travel reports outside the norm! An Autrian owner’s travels in a Toyota Hilux X-tra Cab. English translation via Google.


“Troutrek - Our wedding journey through the Europe, the Middle East and Africa”. Chronicling South African’s Don & Heather’s drive from London to South Africa in a Toyota Hilux Surf via an unsual east coast route.

Two Turkeys and a Rope

The two greenturkeys and their trusty steed, Rodders, will set off in February 2011 on an overland mission of epic proportions – across Europe, through the Middle East and down through Africa in their 1995 4.2L HDJ80 Toymotor Landcruiser.

Utrecht - Lhasa Overland Expedition

732 days round trip from Utrecht, The Netherlands to Lhasa, Tibet, our destination. The outbreak of SARS blocked the final stretch of our route. Website includes falling off a mountain with our Toyota LandCruiser BJ75 in Pakistan.

Vuvuzela Diaries, The

Six South African’s who have been living in London decide to spend a few months getting back to the great life in Africa. The idea - to drive from Europe down the west coast of Africa back to SA in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Which Road Next?

The adventure of a lifetime, the plan is for myself, Ian Thompson, to leave Northern Ireland Oct 2012 and drive around the world through 60 countries in a 4.2 Tdi Land Cruiser Amazon in 18 months, finishing in New York 2014.

Why Not Tour

Four Aussies, London to Cape Town, 17 countries, 4 months, 25,000 one (t)rusty old Toyota VX Land Cruiser, a bottle of Bundy and a hand held video camera. What could go wrong?Daniel, Jason, Cory & Jimbo’s adven ... (more)
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